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    How to Lose a Homebuyer in Just Seconds

    There are 10 things that homeowners can do that will, unwittingly, turn buyers off. Here’s the list of things to avoid.
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    When a buyer is looking at your home during their search process, there are 10 things that can be potential turn-offs for them. Fixing or changing these 10 things before buyers come over for a walkthrough can mean the difference between a sale and a lost cause.

    1. A lack of curb appeal. If a buyer pulls up to a home and immediately sees that the yard is overgrown or the landscaping hasn’t been trimmed or kept tidy, they’ll often take it as a signal for what they can find inside the home. An unkempt exterior gives off the impression that you don’t take care of your home. Maintaining the curb appeal of your home is vital to making sure that buyers take a look inside.

    2. An unkempt front-door area. Buyers often have to wait for their Realtor at the door of the home; while they’re waiting, they’ll be checking out the immediate area around the door. If you have muddy doormats, gutters stuffed with debris, or cobwebs, it will also leave a bad impression.

    3. Unpleasant odors. Once a person has stepped into your home, smells are one of the first things they notice.  Light some scented candles or use air fresheners to give your home a clean, seasonal smell, but don’t overdo it. This is especially important if you have pets, as their scents are sure to be detectable.

    4. A cluttered interior. This will be the next thing a buyer will notice. If you have clutter around your house, like exercise equipment, boxes, papers, and various other items, move it out of the house and into storage.

    5. Non-neutral paint colors. Bright, garish colors of paint will be immediately noticeable and will likely come across as off-putting to buyers. Paint your home with neutral colors that the homebuyer can see themselves living with.

    6. Damaged floors and carpeting. If your hardwood flooring is damaged or stained, you’ll definitely want to have that fixed. Similarly, matted, dirty, worn, and/or smelly carpets also need to be addressed and replaced if necessary.

    7. The furniture doesn’t flow well. If the arrangement of your furniture isn’t conducive to the space it’s in, buyers won’t be able to easily imagine themselves living in your home.

    8. Leaving your family photos up. For the same reason as your furniture, we recommend taking down your personal effects and replacing them with neutral decorations.

    9. Your fixtures and rooms are dated. Outdated spaces, especially kitchens and bathrooms, are deal-killers. Since these spaces are such huge ticket items to the average buyer, you’ll want to update your fixtures. Simple updates are cost-effective and can dramatically change the way your home is perceived.

    10. Dirty windows. Unclean windows don’t allow in as much natural light, meaning your home is cast into grungy twilight. Keeping them clean will brighten up your home and give the appearance of having more space.

    If you’re thinking about selling your home and would like us to come out to address any of these issues for you, we’d be more than happy to do so. Simply reach out to us and we can schedule a time to come advise you about how to get your home ready to attract buyers and sell for the most money possible.

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